Windows Defender Won’t Update? Easy Methods To Fix

Windows Defender Won’t Update

You might note that Windows Defender won’t update whenever you try to check for the updates. 

Windows Defender won’t update is one of the most common technical problems encountered by numerous Windows users. Then, you might receive an error message and that states definition updates cannot be checked, downloaded or even installed.

Often, users report that even just by opening the application, a message appears informing that you should check for new update definitions.

There can be numerous reasons for this problem. Malware or virus attack is the primary cause of this error. Whatever be the reason, you must fix it at the earliest.

Effective Ways to Fix Windows Defender not Updating

Below discussed are the effective solutions that you can implement on your own to fix the Windows Defender update failed issue. 

Solution 1: Check for Updates in Windows Defender 

To fix Windows Defender will not update error, you need to check for updates in Windows Defender. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. At first, open the Windows Defender. For that, go to the Start menu and click on the Programs. After that, select the Windows Defender option. 
  2. After that, you should check for new definitions and for that, select the “Check for Updates Now” option. 

You can also choose to manually update the Windows Defender application and for that, you have to follow the next method.

Solution 2: Manually Install And Verify Update Definitions 

To fix Windows Defender not updating issue, you need to install and verify update definitions manually.

  1. At first, visit the Windows Security Portal and then follow all the on-screen instructions. Thus, this will help you to download the definition updates. 
  2. Sometimes, you might be unable to install update definitions manually. Then, you should visit the Microsoft tech support website.

Solution 3: Verify Windows Update Files 

To verify all required Windows Update files, you need to perform the below-mentioned steps properly.

  1. At first, go to the Windows Update website and then install all recommended updates.
  2. After that, you should review the Windowsupdate.log file for error messages. To do that, go to the Start menu and then, enter %windir %windowsupdate.log. After that, hit the Enter key. 
  3. Now, go to the “Windows Help and How-to web page” option. After that, write the keywords describing the problem from the log file you found.

You can also set the Windows Defender status as Automatic to fix any Run-time error.

Solution 4: Set Windows Defender Service As Automatic  

To set the Windows Defender Service as automatic, perform the below-mentioned steps properly.

  1. At first, go to the Start menu and then click on the Run option. 
  2. After that, type services.msc and then, hit the Enter key. 
  3. After that, go to the “Windows Defender Antivirus Service” option and select the Properties option. 
  4. You should make sure that the Service Status is running and also ensure that the Startup type is Automatic.
  5. Lastly, go to the Apply option and then hit the OK option.  

Solution 5: Run an SFC Scan 

If Windows Defender will not update, you should run an SFC scan and for that, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. At first, go to the Start menu and then type CMD in the search box. 
  2. After that, go to the Command Prompt option and click on the “Run as Administrator” option. 
  3. In the end, enter sfc/scannow and then, hit the Enter key. 

This process will detect all the corrupted files and fix them automatically. Often, replacing the missing files with a new one.
Hopefully, applying all the above solutions might help you to fix the Windows Defender won’t update error successfully.