How To Remove McAfee Endpoint Encryption In Simple Steps

McAfee Endpoint Encryption provides privacy and access control for business and corporate-based system. If you have not used software or upgraded it to a newer version of the software, then delete the endpoint encryption from your computer. Windows includes an original uninstallation program that allows you to manage the software installed on your computer.

But you might face difficulty while removing the endpoint encryption from your system. If you do not have any idea what is the procedure to remove McAfee Endpoint encryption then you have landed on the right page.

Problems With Endpoint Encryption

Before removing the endpoint encryption, you should have a brief idea regarding what are the possible problems that may arise when endpoint encryption exists on your system. Here we have listed some possible problems of endpoint encryption.

  • With the endpoint encryption, you will be unable to remove Drive Encryption.
  • The ePO Console and customer will continue to show the customer as active position.
  • MfeEpe.log continuously will show an error message to the customer on the system’s screen.

Easy Hacks To Remove Endpoint Encryption In McAfee

Here, in this section, we are going to discuss some simple and important tricks to remove the endpoint encryption in McAfee. To remove endpoint encryption from your system, apply the below mention methods.

Solution 1: Uninstall The McAfee Software

Uninstall The McAfee Software

Apply the below-mentioned method to resolve the issue. We can assure you applying the methods you will fix the issue in no time.

One of the best solutions to remove the endpoint encryption from your system is to uninstall the McAfee Software. Start the uninstallation process by going to the Control Panel option. After successfully uninstalling the software, reinstall the software from the manufacturer website and check if the endpoint encryption removes or not.

Solution 2: Uninstall The Full Disk Encryption(FDE)

To remove the endpoint encryption from your system, another effective solution is to uninstall the full disk encryption from McAfee. To do this, log on to the FDE and go to the C drive. After that, go to the User Account Control and uninstall the Full Disk Encryption from there.

Solution 3: Using Administrator Account

Using Administrator Account

You can remove endpoint encryption after logging in to the administrator account. At first, go to the administrator account and log on providing the user name and password. After that select the Mcafee Endpoint Encryption software from the list and uninstall the program.

However, with the given solutions which are discussed in the above sections, you can easily remove endpoint encryption software from your system. But should have a technical knowledge to apply the method, otherwise, it may damage your system permanently. If you miss out any steps you will not able to solve the problem.  Some of the methods need further steps to remove the endpoint encryption. If you do not have technical knowledge, then it will quite difficult for you to remove endpoint encryption software. You should seek help from an expert, who have years of experience in this field.

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