Ultimate Solutions For Panda Antivirus Error Code 1

Panda Antivirus is the most popular antivirus among the users. Like other antiviruses, this antivirus also works properly. With the help of this antivirus, you can easily protect your system from malware attacks. It has amazing features and therefore, most of the users prefer using this antivirus on their system. However, it has some technical issues as well. Panda Antivirus Error Code 1 is one of the most common errors that can occur while using this antivirus software. If you find this and you don’t know how to fix it, then follow the below-mentioned instructions.

Standard Causes Of Error Code 1 Panda Antivirus

When you see this error code on your screen then you should find out the possible reasons of this issue. We have listed some of the common causes of this issue here.

  • Generally, this error occurs when you download a corrupted version of Panda antivirus.
  • Sometimes when the Windows Defender removes all the Panda related files then you may face this issue.  
  • When you are using the older version of Panda Antivirus then you can see this error on your screen.
  • If your device is fully infected due to the malware viruses, then also you can also see this error code.

These were some of the common reasons behind the occurrence of this issue.

Standard Symptoms Of Panda Antivirus Error Code 1

There are some common symptoms of this error code.

  • Your system will freeze frequently.
  • Your device will start running very slowly.
  • IM_e_tcp_error display on your screen

From the above section, you have learned the symptoms. Now you will see some of the easy troubleshooting solutions to resolve this issue.  

Some Easy solutions To Resolve Panda Antivirus Error Code 1

Now we are going to share some of the common troubleshooting solutions to help you fix the Panda antivirus error 1 message on your device. In the below section, we have shared some easy solutions,

Disable The Windows Defender

Sometimes Windows Defender may remove all the Panda files from your system and therefore you get this error on your screen. So, you have to disable the Windows Defender from your system.

  • At first, go to the Control Panel and find the Windows Defender.
  • Then disable it and check the Panda antivirus works properly without any issue.

Repair The Corrupted Files

You can fix this issue due to the repair all the Panda related corrupted files. So

  • First, run a full scan on your system and find the corrupted files.
  • After finding the files, complete the repair process.
  • Then reboot your system and check if the problem is fixed.

Reinstall The Panda Antivirus

You can also use this solution to fix this issue. Sometimes, your security software creates some problem for you. So you have to reinstall it. At first, complete the uninstall process and then reinstall it. After completing this restart your device and check the problem will be resolved.

Update The Panda Antivirus Application

If the previous solutions did not help you to resolve this issue then you can use an alternative solution to fix this issue on your system. Updating the application may resolve many issues. So you must try this solution. When you see this error message on your screen, you have to check the Panda application is in it’s latest version or not. So, firstly, go to the Update section and find the Panda Antivirus application. Once you find it, go for the update process. Then reboot your system and check if it works properly without any problem.

You must try the above solutions to fix this issue on your system.  

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