How To Troubleshoot Norton Error 8504 104 Issue

Norton antivirus is the anti-malware software developed by Symantec Corporation of Norton. It offers complete features to maintain the protection of computers, mobiles, laptops, and others. With the help of Norton features, you can save your device from the viruses and others. Moreover, it is great antivirus software, but you should not ignore the fact that there are not free from glitches and bugs. Norton Errors 8504 104 are common errors that occur simultaneously. Many users have complained that they see this error message on their screen while using the Norton antivirus. Well, if you are one of them, then this article seems is your savior.

Reasons Behind This Issue Appears

Although their features are reliable, users find error codes 8504, 104, and these errors occur for several reasons.

  • If Norton 360 Security Software is not installed correctly or if you download a damaged file of this software, then you may see this issue on your device.
  • Sometimes, this issue appears when malware infections have infected files or damaged Norton application or Windows system files.
  • Moreover, you can this error pop-ups on your screen, if you are using the older version of Norton antivirus application on your system.
  • Furthermore, if your Operating System is outdated, you may face this issue on your device screen.
  • Mistakenly, if any Norton files are deleted, then you may also see this error code on your system.

The above-mentioned causes may be responsible for this error on your system. Therefore, it is important to overcome this error immediately.

Easy Ways To Resolve Norton Error 8504 104 Issue

In the section below, we are going to discuss some easy and effective ways to troubleshoot this error from your system.

Repair All The Registry Files

You have to repair all the registry files from the system. Most of the users claim that they face this error code but after resetting the registry files they can easily get rid of from this error code. So, it is a good idea to try this solution. Once the repair process is completed, restart your device and then check the Norton antivirus works properly.

Malware Scan

Sometimes, you may have to run a full scan your system to fix this issue. First, scan your system. Once it is done, then reboot your system and then check the problem is persisting again.

Clean Up The Junk Files  

The too much junk files can your system is running very slow. Hence, clean the junk files day by day. Otherwise, you can lose your important files, data, and others. So do the needful.

Update The Norton Antivirus

Sometimes, updating the antivirus may fix this issue. If the above methods did not help you then you can try this method on your device. At first, go to the Update section to update the antivirus application. Once the Update process is done, reboot your system and check whether the issue is there or not.

Update The Operating System  

You have to update the Operating System if the problem is there. So, first, find the Update message. Once you find the Update message, then go for the Update process. Next, you have to restart your system and check if the problem is resolved.

Rely On Us

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