Norton Antivirus Problems & Solutions – Pros & Cons

Norton is old-school but its security features have not aged. Since it stepped foot in 1991, Norton Antivirus went around with quite many changes. And due to that, it still has managed to be counted among one of the finest cybersecurity software despite several Norton Antivirus Problems.

Norton Antivirus Problems

However, that doesn’t mean we can ignore Norton Antivirus Issues. It is true that Norton immunes your system against virus and other PC infections. Given the fact it is feature-rich, it seems like loopholes are deep-rooted and branched themselves into every Norton Security Functions.

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Now, what Norton Antivirus did initially introduce was multi-platform and 360-degree oriented support. And it was received with healthy numbers.

Then, what caused it to go downhill?

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I recently came across a fact which I would like to share.

Norton is weak against malware

I know this fact might come as a surprise but recent studies have shown that traditional antivirus programs are unable to cope up with malware attacks.

Although, Norton has performed excellently against spyware, adware, and ransomware. But its anti-malware features are weak. It has been reported that Norton Security Scan fails to detect a malware infected file.

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This, in fact, may seem like quite a drawback but the recent updates have filled in few gaps. Security algorithms are quite upgraded to fit in multi-devices. So, if you download Norton Antivirus 2018, you won’t be much at a loss.

Another aspect which pulled Norton down is Protection Update status error. Norton Protection Update tells you about the current status of your PC. If you truly want to correct Norton Antivirus problems, just get in touch with our support executives for help.

Sometimes, even after “Fixing Now”, the status remains the same. Now, I put up two reasons for this error-

  • Antivirus crossover- if you are using two antivirus software simultaneously, one may call other as a threat.
  • Your Norton Antivirus is out of date.

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Your PC is a like an interconnected web where memory allocation of each process should be even. In case, Norton Security consumes a lot of space, your PC will run slow. Presently, it is one of the most common reasons for Norton Antivirus Program.

Does Norton Antivirus Problems Trouble Online Activity?

In a way, it does!

Norton Internet Security has been reported to slow down your online activities apart from creating several other issues.

Firstly, it weakens the internet connection. Norton secures your internet surfing. After you download Norton Antivirus, it verifies your online activity.

Therefore, your heavy loaded tasks like emailing long attachments, videos and other activities are slowed down. Secondly, Norton Smart Firewall feature interrupts with social media sites. That is to say, it loads images slowly, cancels file sharing etc.

Norton Antivirus problems

This is the error message you get when Norton WiFi policies interrupt with your wireless connection.

Now, we come to the most important question, does weak WiFi policies mean your personal data is unsafe?

If it would have, Norton wouldn’t have such a huge customer base. But, WiFi Security Policies are still questionable. Although recent changes in upgraded WiFi Security yet, it interrupts with the natural bandwidth.

Quick Fixes to The Pile of Issues

You do not want a loophole in your online security and someone else accessing your personal data. I understand Norton hasn’t been quite the champ as you expected. This doesn’t mean you cannot help Norton restore and secure your privacy back.

So, here are some fixes you can try out-

  • Always register Norton Antivirus with the correct registration key. This eliminates the risk of broken files.
  • You can use Norton Removal Tool. This is an excellent tool that helps you clean off remaining Norton antivirus components and resolve most of Norton Antivirus problems.
  • Always update your Virus Definitions and Database. Also, turn OFF any other antivirus programs running on your system.
  • For WiFi security, avoid using Norton private browsing and anti-phishing on your browser. Instead, you can directly browser on Norton Private Surfing option.

Is it Truly Terrible?

You can always try out my quick fixes and hope they work just fine for you as they did for me. However, there is something I need to mention. You can find “Norton Support” article on our website. There, you will find the contact of my company’s service engineers who will resolve your issues in no time. You can even get in touch with our Norton Antivirus Support for complete help.

So, here is everything. If you have something to suggest or I missed up any point, do let me know. The comments section is open for you.

I hope, Norton’s worth a look, isn’t it?

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