How To Update Webroot? Go Through The Workable Instructions

Webroot is really talked about antivirus software that is preferred by many users. If you are also a Webroot user, then you must know “how to update Webroot?” If you are using Webroot for a long time and did not update the application, then you might face some major and minor issue. So it is important for you to know the prominent methods to update Webroot.

Here in this article, you can find some most effective hacks regarding your queries. Thus, go through the entire guide and solve the problem at the earliest:

Why do you need to Update Webroot Secure?

There are many reasons for which you need to use an updated version of Webroot. Have a look at some of them:

  • Blocks viruses, rootkits, hackers, spyware, and other threats.
  • Takes care of security problems automatically.
  • To be able to scan the whole device in about three minutes.
  • Eases online backup protects digital photos and other personal files.
  • Eases the usage of the web console.

How to update Webroot?

There are only a few processes to update Webroot from the device you are using. Here in this section, you will find some of the feasible methods that will help you a lot. To do so, the first thing you have to do is to turn your device on and click on the Start icon. Now, navigate to the search box and type “Webroot” in the box. Now, select the “Option” and click on it. After that, choose the Update tab and click on the available update. Now, finally, click on download and let the software download the latest version.

Update Webroot Keycode

By these steps, you can update the keycode of Webroot. To do so, at first, open Webroot and you have to double-click on the Webroot option in the system tray. After that, choose “My Account” and tap on it. Then, you need to put the key code as per your wish in the “Activate a new keycode field.” Now, select the Activate icon. Finally, choose the option “Scan My computer” and click on it.

How to update Webroot Agent?

If you are using Mac, then this solution is applicable for you the most. To do so, at first, open your Mac device. After that, navigate to the upper-left corner and find the Webroot software. Now, tap on Check for Updates. If the software is not up-to-date, then choose the available update and tap on it. Hopefully, you can successfully update the Webroot agent by this procedure.

Expectedly the above fixes will help you to update Webroot successfully. But, if you face any sort of difficulties, then do share your queries with us. You can also give your valuable comment in the feedback box.