How to Update Avast? You Can Do It Promptly

Avast is an antivirus and probably one of the best of the surviving antivirus companies. Many of us use Avast as security software on our computer. To avail the latest security features on our computer we have to update the antivirus from time to time. We can update antivirus both offline and offline. The offline updating process of the antivirus involves purchasing the antivirus software from the market and then, installing it on our computer. Thus, in this way, you can update the antivirus which you have installed previously on your computer.  To update your antivirus online you can update it from the user interface and from the taskbar. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss things you should know about how to update Avast.

Need to Update Avast Antivirus

The antivirus manufacturing companies develop updates according to the rising online threats day by day. Thus, to keep our computer protected from the online threats we have to update the antivirus to install the updates. Also, in the recent past, our computers have become victims of the malware known as ‘Ransomware’. Due to this antivirus, many computers were infected. A normal antivirus cannot fix this issue. Thus, to keep ourselves secured from all these types of harmful antiviruses we have to update the antivirus.

Know how to update Avast?

The methods to update the Avast antivirus on your computer are as follows:

  1. Updating Avast antivirus through the user interface.
  2. Updating Avast antivirus through the taskbar.
  3. By setting Automatic Program Updates.

Updating Avast Antivirus Through The User Interface

To update the Avast antivirus using the UI follow the steps:

  1. At first, select the ‘Avast’ antivirus icon on your computer screen.
  2. Then, select ‘Settings’ in the antivirus window.
  3. After that, choose the option ‘Update’ and then next to ‘Program’ select ‘Update’.
  4. Once you have updated the antivirus on your computer, install it and then, restart your computer.

Updating Avast Antivirus Through The Taskbar

Follow the steps to update the Avast antivirus through the taskbar:

  1. At first, give a right-mouse click the ‘Avast’ antivirus on your computer.
  2. Then, select the option ‘Update’ to update it and then select the ‘Program’
  3. Now, the antivirus will start to update.
  4. After installing the update install the updates on your computer.
  5. Finally, select ‘Restart’ to restart your computer instantly.

By Setting Avast Automatic Program Updates

To set automatic program updates for Avast to go through the steps:

  1. First, give a right-mouse click on ‘Avast’ antivirus icon on your computer.
  2. After that, select ‘Open Avast user interface’ from the drop-down list.
  3. Then, choose ‘Settings’ from ‘Main Menu’.
  4. Next, select ‘Update’ in the left pane.
  5. After that select, the option ‘Automatic Update’ to install the updates automatically on your computer.

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