Learn How to Turn Off Bitdefender

Despite its complete features, Bitdefender antivirus often interferes with processor or applications. When this happens, you might have to turn off the Bitdefender antivirus to complete the task. 

However, you cannot disable the Bitdefender antivirus on a single click. This means that you need to turn off a lot of things to fully disable the Bitdefender antivirus.

Alternatively, you might temporarily turn off the Bitdefender antivirus. No matter whether you want to temporarily or completely disable the Bitdefender antivirus, if you are searching for how to turn off Bitdefender, then this passage is perfect for you.

Here Is How to Turn Off Bitdefender Antivirus:

Check out the rest of the content to temporarily or completely disable the Bitdefender antivirus.

Temporarily Disable the Bitdefender

If you wish to temporarily turn off the Bitdefender antivirus, then the first thing that you have to do is to double-click on the Bitdefender icon. Thereafter, follow the given instructions.

Step 1

Move to the Protection window and open it. Next, under Antivirus, select the Settings app. Thereafter, choose the Shield app and click on the switch present beside the BitDefender shield to disable it. 

Step 2

On the next page, you will see that the two options will appear on the display. They are Permanently and Until System Restart.

Choose any of them and it will turn off the Bitdefender antivirus until you turn it on.

Step 3

Next, search for the Drivers and Devices tab. Here, disable the Scan Mapped Network Drivers.

Thereafter, move to the Protection Features and search for the Online Threat Prevention module.

On the next page, click on the Web Protection to disable the Web Attack prevention, Encrypted Web Scan, Search Advisor, Phishing Protection, and Fraud Protection.

Step 4

Besides that, you have to turn off the Network Threat Prevention. You might also need to turn off the Firewall that might be located under the Protection features. So, if you are searching for how to turn off the Bitdefender firewall, then apply all the steps starting from step 1.

Step 5

Under the Protection feature, turn off the Advanced Threat Defence, Antispam, Vulnerability, Safe files, and the Ransomware Remediation.

Go to the Privacy screen, choose Configure which is located beside the Parental Control. Also, select the three dots present next to the profile. Then, click Devices.

Step 6

Next, unmark the name of your computer and select the Save option. Apart from that, you can turn off the Webcam protection as well as the Password Manager modules.

Then, navigate to the Profiles and disable the Activate Profiles Automatically and Real-Time Optimization completely.

Uninstall Bitdefender

If you wish to permanently disable the Bitdefender, then uninstall this application altogether. If you are a Windows 10 user, then go to the Search menu and from there, proceed to the Settings.

Under Settings, scroll down and select Apps. Search for the Bitdefender option. Once found, then right-click on it and select the Uninstall option.

If you are a Windows 7 and 8 user, then first, go to the Control Panel. In Control Panel, select Programs and Features. Then, search and remove the Bitdefender antivirus application.

However, if you are a Mac user, then first open the Finder. Proceed to the top menu bar and choose Go from the available options. Choose Utilities. After that, run the Bitdefender Uninstaller.

When prompted, click on Uninstall as well as put the Administrator password for your device.

Once you have assured that the software is uninstalled, then move to the Macintosh HD and Library. Furthermore, switch the Bitdefender folder to the trash.

That’s it. Hope now you will get a complete idea about how to turn off or completely remove the Bitdefender antivirus from your Windows or Mac device.