How to Turn Off Bitdefender Firewall? Get Rid Of It At One Go

Bitdefender is one of such online security software that most of the users are found using on their device. With the help of this antivirus, you can easily save your documents, files, and others from the viruses and others. Sometimes, the firewall of Bitdefender blocks the installation process of several programs. That’s why most of the users have reported that they want to turn off the Bitdefender firewall in their system but they cannot do it by themselves in most cases. Well, if you are one of them, then in this passage you will know how to turn off Bitdefender Firewall in your system.

Bitdefender Total Security Turn Off Firewall Easily

In the below section we are going to share some of the easiest methods that can help you to turn off the Bitdefender firewall in your system.

Method 1 – Turn Off Bitdefender From the System Tray

This is a very easier method to disable the Bitdefender firewall on your system.

  • First, open the Task Manager and then, find the Bitdefender Firewall
  • Disable it
  • Restart your system and check if the Bitdefender antivirus is turned off.  

Method 2 – By using the Bitdefender Firewall Settings

This is another good alternative option. Many users claimed that they use this method and it really works for them. Thus, you should try this method too for a higher chance of success. By using the Bitdefender Firewall Settings you can also turn off this on your device. In the beginning, go to the Home page and click on the Start button. After that, you need to tap on the settings button and from there you have to turn off the Bitdefender firewall. Finally, restart your machine and check whether you can turn off the Bitdefender firewall or not. If you are unlucky, then immediately try the next method.  

Method 3 – By using the Control Panel

If the previous methods do not help you to disable the Bitdefender firewall, then you can use this method. Like the previous one, go to the Start Menu and from there you have to visit on the Control Panel page. Within the Control Panel, you need to find the Bitdefender Firewall and disable it. So, it seems to be a very good method and we strongly recommended you to apply this method.

However, with the above method you can turn off the Bitdefender Firewall but with our several years of experience, we suggest you to not to turn off Bitdefender antivirus on your own. As in somewhere, you need expert’s help. So, you can consult with our IT experts and take all the necessary help which will help you to turn off the Bitdefender Firewall on your system.

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