How To Fix Avast Error 1067

Avast error 1067 is one of the most common errors faced by Avast users. Usually, this error occurs when Avast crashes or fails to run. This error is also known as Avast run-time error. 

When this error occurs, it frequently shows the “Error 1067” on the screen and slows down the performance of the system. It may occur due to several reasons including incomplete installation, virus infected system, corrupted Windows files, etc. 

If you also encounter the same error while using Avast antivirus, then you need some effective hacks to get rid of this error. 

Solve Avast Antivirus Service Error 1067 with Easy Hacks:

There are several ways to solve this error. You can have a look at the solutions provided below: 

Fix 1: Close the Conflicting Program

This error may arise due to the software that is conflicting with each other. To solve this, you can stop such a conflicting program. Here’s how to do this: 

  • First of all, press the Alt and Del key by holding the Ctrl key from the keyboard to open the Task Manager. 
  • Afterward, navigate to the Processes tab. Then, select the programs one by one and click on the ‘End Process’ option. 
  • You need to check if the error notification will occur again each time you close a program. 

Once you identify the particular program that is causing this issue, you can update or reinstall that to use the program further. 

Afterward, if you see that the error persists, then you can move on to the further ways described below. 

Fix 2: Run Disk Checkup

You may face the Avast error 1067 due to low free space on the system. To solve this, you can run the disk checkup by following the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Open the Windows Explorer. 
  2. Select the main directory. Usually, it is ‘C:.’ Right-click on it. 
  3. Afterward, choose the Properties option from the list. 
  4. Lastly, tap on the ‘Disk Cleanup’ button. 

Once the process finishes, you can restart the computer and check if the error is fixed. Else, you can update the System driver to get rid of this error. 

Fix 3: Update System Driver

If you are using an outdated driver on your computer, then you can also face this error. Hence, you need to update the system driver to get rid of this error. 

But, you don’t need to update any driver on the system individually. Windows update contains all the needed driver updates that are required for your computer. 

Just update the OS to update all the drivers. You can do this by following the steps mentioned below: 

  • In the beginning, open the Control Panel by going to the Start menu. 
  • Afterward, navigate to the ‘Windows Update’ category. 
  • Now, find the ‘Check for Updates’ option. Once you get that, tap on it. Now, Windows will start to search for the latest updates. 
  • After checking, if it finds any latest update, you will get the ‘Install Now’ option. 
  • Tap on it to initiate the installation process. 

Wait for a few seconds until the installation process completes. It will take time depending on the configuration of the system. Once the installation process completes, restart the computer to apply the changes. Now, check if the Avast error 1067 is fixed.