How to Disable Avast: A Complete Guide

Sometimes, a situation arises when you might need to disable the Avast antivirus in your device to install other security software such as a firewall. Also, if the Avast application is blocking your favorite website or application, then you may have to pause some of its shields or simply disable it to run your favorite applications.

Don’t have any idea about how to disable Avast? Don’t worry, here you will get the detailed information on the ways to temporarily or completely turn off the Avast antivirus.

Hence, it is highly recommended to go through the below passage from top to bottom.

Disable Avast Antivirus with Some Proven Techniques:

Have a look at the remaining part to resolve your all queries related to disable Avast.

  1. Completely Disable the Avast (All Shields)

Carefully look at the given below directions to completely disable the Avast antivirus.

Step 1

At first, go to the Windows taskbar and select the orange Avast icon. In some Windows systems, it can be found hidden. Therefore, if you don’t see the option, then click on the top arrow.

Step 2

Once the icon shows on the screen, then right-click on it and search for the ‘Avast shields control’ option. After that, select any of the given options.

Disable it for a) 10 minutes, b) 1 hour, c) permanently, d) until computer restart

Step 3

Whatever option you may choose, a confirmation message will appear on the screen. Click on Yes. Now the Avast, as well as all the shields, will be disabled for the period that you have selected.

Step 4

In case, you want to ensure that the Avast is really turned off, then open the main window.  It should be red and you will get to see a message ‘ All antivirus shields are off’ there. In order to re-enable it again, tap on the Resolve button.

Then ’You’re protected‘ message will appear on the display. It means that the Avast works normally.

  1. Temporarily DIsable the Avast Antivirus (Specific Shield)

You can temporarily disable the Avast antivirus for some specific shield. To do so, check out the steps given below.

Step 1

In the beginning, open the main Avast user interface. Then, proceed to the Protection tab. From there, navigate to the Core Shields.

Else, go to the bottom left corner of the main Avast interface window and open the Settings app. Then, click on the Components. If you are using an older version, then choose ‘Active Protection’.

Step 2

Now, four Avast shields will appear on the display. They are Fire System Shield, Web Shield, Mail Shield, and the Behavior Shield.

Locate the shield that you want to disable. Thereafter, click on the Switcher button. After clicking on it, four options will appear on the screen.

Turn off the Shield for 1) 10 minutes 2) 1 hour 3) until the computer restarted 4) permanently.

Choose the period for which you want to disable. Then, click on it.

Step 3

In case the shield has been disabled completely, then the switch must change to ‘OFF’. Apart from that, the main window must be yellow with the ‘Fire Shield id now off’ message. 

Now, for re-enabling, click on the ‘Turn On ‘ button. After that, the main window must be turned green and ‘You’re Protected’ message will occur on the display.

If none of the above solutions can fix the problem, then you are advised to uninstall Avast antivirus. 

How to Uninstall the Avast Antivirus?

First, move to the Control Panel and open it. In the Control Panel section, scroll down and select the Programs and Features option.  Then, a new window will show on the display. Here search for the Avast antivirus and select it.

Thereafter, click on the Uninstall option to start the uninstallation procedure. Wait for some time as this is a time-consuming procedure. Once done, restart your device.

These are the premium ways following which you can disable the Avast antivirus on your own.