Simple Steps On Reinstalling Kaspersky

Kaspersky provides many cybersecurity applications for computers and mobile devices. This company has its headquarter in Moscow, Russia. It has different types of security software, some of which are ‘Anti-Virus’, ‘Internet Security’, and ‘Total Security’. Each of the security software has their own unique features and abilities. According to your specific choice, you can use certain security software. Despite having so many unique features within all these applications, even then, you can get many glitches. One such kind of issue that you can encounter is the reinstalling Kaspersky. In the next section, you will get reasons why do you need to install Kaspersky again.

Reinstalling Kaspersky – Why Do You Need It

In this section, you will get the reasons why do you need to reinstall the Kaspersky security software:

  • Sometimes, when you mistakenly remove any system files or some registry files, then you will have to reinstall the Windows. Now, if you install Windows once again, then every software will be removed. Thus for that, you will have to install Kaspersky again.
  • If some program files within the Kaspersky software gets corrupted somehow, then also you will have to perform the reinstall process of the Kaspersky application.

In the next section, you will get the steps on how to install the given security application.

Possible Steps To Reinstall Kaspersky Total Security Software

This section will provide possible steps on reinstalling Kaspersky in an easy way.

Uninstall The Kaspersky Total Security Software From PC

  • First, hit the ‘Start’ menu, then go to the search textbox. Now, in it type “control panel”. Then, from the results of that search, tap on the first option ‘Control Panel’.
  • Next, in the Control Panel window, locate and tap on the category ‘Programs’. From the next window, choose the option ‘Programs and Features’.
  • Then, you will see a list of programs. From that list of installed programs, locate the ‘Kaspersky Total Security’ and then choose it.
  • After that, right-click on that security application, then choose ‘Uninstall’ option from the popup options list.
  • Now, you will see the setup page for that software. Follow the information on-screen and remove the application from your computer.
  • After the uninstallation process is over, simply reboot your device.

Again Install The Kaspersky Total Security Security Software Via Standard  reinstalling Kaspersky Process

  • First, from the official website of Kaspersky download the setup installer and then execute it.
  • Now, within the setup window of the software, tap on the button ‘Continue’.
  • In the next page of the setup window, tap on the button ‘Install’. After that, you will again get the new window with the heading ‘Recommended’.
  • In that window, there are two options available. Put a tick mark on both the options and then hit on the button ‘Apply’.
  • Now, allow the setup to install the ‘Kaspersky Total Security’ into your computer. After the installation is complete, tap on the ‘Done’ button.
  • To look into the features of this application you can click ‘Continue’, otherwise hit on the link ‘Skip’. At last, this security software is installed on your computer.

Install The Kaspersky Total Security Via Command Prompt

  • First, download the installer setup file from the website again.
  • Now, open the ‘Command Prompt’ window, by typing “cmd” in the search text area and select the first option ‘Command Prompt’.
  • Within that window, type in the correct address of the setup file where it is present. Next, type a command in order to initiate the installation procedure. These are available on the official website, so get them from there.
  • After you have typed in a specific command, tap the Enter button to execute that. This will begin to install the Kaspersky Total Security application with the options that you have chosen.
  • When the setup will show up then follow the steps from the previous point and finish installing the application.

Call Our Professional Team For Expert Guidance

When you will follow the points in the previous section carefully. Then reinstalling Kaspersky will be a very easy process. However, even then you cannot be able to do so, then contact us. The technicians, who are present in this team will solve your problem with the Kaspersky security software instantly. Now, there are only two ways using which you may get in touch with us. You can place a call at +1-855-971-2203. Also, you can contact us via our email ID and comment section.