[Solved] McAfee Real-Time Scanning Won’t Stay On Error

While using the McAfee antivirus, millions of Windows 10 users have reported about McAfee real-time scanning won’t stay on error. 

Most of the time, if the real-time scanning feature is disabled, then you can experience this issue. Apart from that, conflict with any other security software and Windows Firewall can also be other valid causes for the error.

The most important feature of the McAfee antivirus is real-time scanning and if it won’t stay on, then McAfee will be unable to protect the device from malware attacks. Fortunately, by using the given fixing techniques, you can easily fix the problem on your own.

McAfee Real-Time Scanning Won’t Stay on Windows 10: Proven Fixes

Check out the effective solutions to fix McAfee real-time scanning won’t stay on error. and resolve your all queries.

Solution 1- Activate Real-Time Scanning

In order to turn on the Real-Time scanning, first, move to the Security Center. After that, proceed to the McAfee window. Here, scroll down and open the Verizon Internet Security.

Next, click on Navigation. Thereafter, you will see a list of options. Search for Real-Time scanning and click on it. Furthermore, tap on the Turn On option. Again, move to the main Security Center page. Ensure that the Real-Time scanning features remain ON.

When finished, then close the Security Center. Finally, reboot your machine and check if the error has been resolved or not. If not, then give the next technique a chance to fix the problem.

Solution 2- Temporarily Disable the Windows Firewall

To temporarily disable the Windows Firewall, open the Control Panel by using the Start menu. 

Once the Control Panel window opens, then scroll down and select the System & Security link.  On the next window, tap on the Windows Firewall. After that, a new page will appear on the screen. Here, move to the left side and choose ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’ option.  

In addition, mark the dialog box present next to the ‘Turn off Windows Firewall ‘ option. Once done, then click on OK to save the changes. After that, reboot your machine and if you are still dealing with the issue, then here is another alternative at your rescue.

Solution 3- Uninstall Other Third-Party Software

If the above two solutions are not workable for you, then it is highly recommended to uninstall the third-party software. 

To do so, type ‘control panel’ in the search field and press the Enter key to open the Control Panel. Within the Control Panel, select the Programs and thereafter click on the Programs and Features option. It will lead to a new window. From this part, you need to choose the program that you want to uninstall. Thereafter, follow the online instructions to complete the remaining task.

Wait for some moment as depending on the file size, the uninstalling procedure may take some time. Once done, then reboot the computer and see if the Real-Time scanning feature is turned on or not.

Solution 4-  Use the McAfee Virtual Tool

In case, the real-time continues to turn off after deactivation of the Windows firewall, then it is highly recommended to use the McAfee Virtual tool. This tool can fix many errors associated with McAfee. 

Hence, first, visit the official website of the McAfee and then run the MVT. If any errors found, then it will repair them and turn on Real-Time protection.

Hope after applying the above four solutions the real-time scanning must be turned on and the McAfee real-time scanning won’t stay on error won’t appear anymore.