[Solved] McAfee Error 12152

When you are trying to download and install the McAfee security product, the download will possibly fail and you will get McAfee error 12152 messages. 

Most of the time, if there is a conflict with the previous antivirus or security tool, then this error code can pop up on the display. Besides that, system junk files, outdated device drivers, are also responsible for this error code. Sometimes, corrupt system files can be a primary reason for this error code.

Once this glitch occurs, then the Windows will slowly response to the mouse or keyboard. Also, the computer continuously freezes for a few seconds.

Reliable Solutions to Fix McAfee Error 12152:

Searching for ways to instantly fix the error 12152? then check out the below section effectively.

Solution 1- Remove the Previously Installed Antivirus Or Security Tool

To remove the error 12152, it is compulsory to check the previously installed security software. For that, move to the Control Panel by using the Start menu. 

In the Control Panel, scroll down and select the Programs and Features. Here, select the software system that you want to uninstall. Thereafter uninstall it. 

Wait for sometimes as the uninstalling process might take some time. Once finished, then reboot the computer and see if the error code still occurs on the display or not.

Solution 2- Clean out the System Junk Files

To remove system junk files, first of all, click on the Start icon. From there, go to the All Programs. Thereafter, proceed to the Accessories. After that, a new page will appear on the screen.

Here, search for the System Tools and open it. Next, click on the Disk Cleanup. After that, you have to choose what type of files and folders that you want to delete.

Next, click on the OK button. When finished, restart your device. If you are still getting this error code, then move to the next solution.

Solution 3- Update the Device Drivers

To update the device drivers to its latest version, enter’ device manager’ in the search field. Hit the Enter key. Furthermore, double-click on the first search result to open the Device Manager.

Thereafter, double-click on the category with the device that you want to update. Next, you need to right-click on the device and choose Update Driver from the available menu.

Tick on the box next to the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ button. Now, the windows will automatically update the device drivers to its latest version. Wait for the completion of the procedure. Once done, reboot the Windows system to take the effect of the changes.

Solution 4- Run the System File Checker

Millions of McAfee users have encountered the McAfee error 12152 on their device. They have also claimed that after repairing the corrupted system files, they can quickly overcome the situation. 

To repair the corrupt system files, it is necessary to run the SFC tool. For that, enter ‘CMD’ in the search box and hit the Enter key.

Once the Command Prompt window opens, then right-click on it and choose Run as Administrator. Next, type ‘sfc/scannow’ in the Command Prompt. Be sure to press the Enter key. 

After that, the scanning process will be started. When finished, restart the computer and this should fix the problem. However, if you are still unlucky and failed to fix the problem, then go to the next solution.

Solution 5- Use System Restore

System Restore allows you to roll back your device to a point where the error code does not appear on the screen. In order to perform a System Restore, follow the given below directions.

Step 1

First, open the Control Panel. Within the Control Panel, navigate to the bottom and click on the System and Security link.

On the System & Security window that pops up, locate and click on the System.

Step 2

On the next page, go to the left side and tap on the System Protection link. It will lead to the System Properties window. Under this part, scroll down and select System Restore.

In case, you haven’t seen it, ensure that you are on the System Protection tab. 

Step 3

Click on Next. After that, choose the restore point that you want to use from the list. Then, click on the Next button. Further, confirm the restore point and thereafter tap on the Finish button. 

Finally, close the window and reboot your machine. Check if the McAfee error 12152 still persists or not.

Solution 6- Perform a Clean Boot

If all the above five solutions are not workable for you, then it is recommended to perform a clean boot. To do so, first, log in to the computer as an administrator. In case, you don’t have an administrator account, then create it.

Once done, proceed to the taskbar and type ‘msconfig’ in the search bar and press the Enter key. From the result, choose System Configuration. Within the System Configuration, select the Hide all Microsoft services button. After that, click on Disable all.

Next, in the Startup tab, select the Open Task Manager button. Now, under the Startup in the Task Manager, choose each of the startup items and after that, click Disable.

Exit from the Task Manager. Again, proceed to the Startup tab and select OK. Reboot your machine and when the computer restarted you will see a clean boot environment.

Solution 7- Run the MCRP Tool

Visit the official website of the McAfee and download the MCPR tool. Once done, then double-click on the MCPR.exc file. A warning message might occur on the screen, click on Yes.

After that, click on ‘I agree to accept the license agreement’ button. Enter the characters as given in the display and after that, click on Next.

When the procedure is completed, then click any of the given options.

  1. Removal Complete– It means that the job was done and you can reboot your machine to check the error status
  2. Cleanup Unsuccessful– In case, this error message appears, reboot your machine and once again perform the above steps.

Finally, reboot your system. 

These are the tried and tested ways applying which you can remove the McAfee error 12152 easily from your computer.