Fix Kaspersky Error 27300 With The Best Solution

Whenever we talk about best antivirus, the first name that comes in our mind is Kaspersky antivirus. Despite being the best, it shows some error. One of the most common of Kaspersky AntiVirus is Error Code 27300. Mainly user gets this error at the time of installation of klim6.sys_x64 or klim6.sys_x86. A huge number of reasons are responsible for this error code. You should take instant action whenever you get this type of error.

If you are struggling with this error, and have no idea how to handle this error then this article is for you. If you do not fix the issue it will harm your system in the future. Go through the article and apply the discussed methods in order to fix the error. If you are not able to fix the error even after applying the methods, then you should take expert assistance to fix the error.

Reasons For Error 27300

You should know the reason why this error occurs and therefore try to prevent the circumstances that lead to the glitch. Here we have listed some of the major reasons why Kaspersky error 27300 may occur.

  1. When you launch any software, the Kaspersky AntiVirus may fail to work.
  2. When the web disconnect all of a sudden then this error occur.
  3. Mainly this error will occur when the device drivers are crashed.
  4. For the meta_plugin loading features, you will see error 27300 on your screen.

The Signs Of Kaspersky Error 27300

Sometimes Kaspersky does not show the error code 27300 on the screen. So, you have to know the signs of this error code. Now, look at some of the signs of the Kaspersky error 27300.

When your system performance becomes slow then you should understand that the error code has 27300 occurred.

  • Another sign is your system is freezing repeatedly.
  • Some of the programs get locked while the program running.

Some Basic Tips And Tricks To Fix The Error Code 27300

Here we have provided some basic tips and tricks to fix the error. Using the methods you can fix the error instantly.

Solution 1: Close All The Program Run In The Background

You can fix this problem by closing all the programs that are run in the background. After closing all the program, restart your system. Using this method you can fix the error. If the problem does not fix then try the below-mentioned method to fix the error.

Solution 2: Restart Your System In Safe Mode

Another effective solution to fix the error code 27300 is by restarting your system in Safe Mode. Shut down your system and press ESC button from the keyboard. There you will get the Safe Mode option. Press on the Safe Mode option and restart your system. After successfully applying the method, check if the problem still exists or not.

Solution 3: Uninstall Unwanted Application

When some unwanted application is installed on your system, then you might face this error. To fix the error, uninstall those unwanted applications. You can uninstall the application by going to the control panel option.

Solution 4: Uninstall The AntiVirus

In order to fix the error code 27300, you can uninstall the Kaspersky anti-virus and reinstall it on your system. You can uninstall the antivirus from the Control Panel option.

Get In Touch With Us To Fix The Issue

With the help of the above solution if you are unable to fix the issue then you should consult with some technical person who has years of experience to handle Kaspersky anti-virus. To fix the error code 27300, contact us by dialing our customer care number +1-855-971-2203. We provide instant solutions to fix the error.

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