[Fixed] Avast Slowing Down Internet

From a damaged hard disk to low disk space, the causes behind slowing down of the Internet after using Avast can be endless. However, despite its causes, a slow internet can conflict with your work and hamper it eventually. Although, no matter whatsoever, there are numerous ways to resolve this scenario instantly.

Why is Avast Slowing Down My Internet?

The most common question that arises on most of the user’s mind is why does Avast slow down the internet? Well, the reasons behind such scenarios are many and to be more precise, here we have listed some of them for you below.

  • Corrupted Hard Disk
  • Misaligned partition
  • Distinct Startup programs
  • Low Disk Storage 
  • Low space Ram installed
  • Windows Version not activated
  • The system not rebooted for a long span of time
  • Running of Multiple programs.

What To Do If Avast is Slowing Down Internet Speed?

Now, before moving further with the solutions, it is recommended to restart the system and check if that helps to resolve the issue and retain the internet speed. However, if the problem persists even after rebooting your system, follow the methods that are given below. 

Solution 1: Install the Avast antivirus again

At first, it will be better if you install the Avast antivirus again and check if that resolves the issue for you. To do so, follow the steps that are cited below in sequence.

  • Go to Start and then Control Panel.
  • After that, go to Programs and Features and within that locate the Avast Antivirus Software.
  • Now, click on it and select the uninstall option. This will start the uninstallation for you.
  • Restart your system once it gets completed. Now, go to the official website of Avast and install it as well as download it again. 

Solution 2: Improvise the Internet Connection

As mentioned earlier, internet connection plays a major role and thus it will be better to resolve it by boosting the internet connection. To do so, you should follow the steps that are listed below.

  • First of all, click on the Avast application and then the Main setting located on the left side.
  • Within the Main setting, unmark the “Use stream of intelligent scanning” which is mainly used for increasing the internet speed.
  • Next, go to the Main settings tab again and turn off the HTTPS scanning method. This will make the File Shield scan for the downloaded elements. Apart from that, the internet speed will enhance now as well.
  • Disable Heuristic Sensitivity after enhancing internet speed. By performing this step, the internet speed will get boosted up efficiently.

Solution 3: Check CPU Usage

Also, check your CPU usage and see if it has exceeded the normal limit. To do so, follow the steps that are cited below thoroughly

  • Right-click on the taskbar and then click on Task Manager. Besides you can also press Ctrl Alt Del together and select start a task manager.
  • Go to the Performance tab and click on the CPU. Now, you will be able to see the computer CPU speed on your screen

Solution 4: Free Up Disk Storage (Disk cleanup)

Accumulation of unwanted files and junk can cause Avast to slow down the internet speed and thus it is extremely important to resolve it by getting rid of it gradually. To do that, you need to perform a disk cleanup. Here are the steps by which you can do so:

  • Within the search box of start, type “disk cleanup” and choose it from the result.
  • Now, click on the drive which you want to clear and then press Ok. 
  • In the “Files to Delete” section, choose the type of files which you want to remove and then click on Ok.

However, if you want more space, delete system files by following the steps that are mentioned below

  • In Disk cleanup, click on Cleanup System Files.
  • Choose the type of files which you want to remove and then click on Ok option.

Solution 5: Update Avast Antivirus

Many times an outdated Avast application can be responsible for such issues and might slow down the internet for you as well. For such cases, make sure to update the avast antivirus and see if it resolves the issue for you or not. Here is how you can do so.

  • First of all, right-click on the icon of avast and then click on “Open Avast User Interface” from the menu appearing on your screen.
  • Click on Settings option from the menu followed by the Update option.
  • Choose how you want to carry the updates. You can select from “Automatic Update”, “Ask when the update is downloaded or available” and “Manual update”. Make sure to choose accordingly.
  • On an alternative note, you can also just right click on the Avast icon and then click on Update>Program simultaneously to update your Avast antivirus. 

Solution 6: Run an SFC Scan

Apart from that, any corrupted file within the system can also cause avast to slower your internet connection and thus it is recommended to run an SFC scan for such situations by following the steps given below in order.

  • Press both Windows and X keys together to open the Winx menu.
  • Select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.
  • Within the command prompt, make sure to enter the following command listed below
  • sfc/scannow.
  • Once done, press the enter key.
  • Restart your system and see if the issue gets resolved or not.

Solution 7: Install a Higher Ram

If the problem does not resolve and Avast still affects your internet speed then, there are chances that you are out of Ram. Thus, for such cases, it is extremely recommended to install a new and higher Ram so that your system can work smoothly without any interruption. Besides, you will also be able to acquire a stronger internet connection and it would not slower in the future.

Solution 8: Get Rid of Browser Cache

Just like your system, the accumulation of cache files within your browser can be another reason why this entire situation is occurring. Thus to get rid of it, make sure to clear the browser cache files by following the steps given below:

  • First of all, press Ctrl, Shift and Del keys altogether.
  • On doing so, a new window will appear on your screen. Click on the “Temporary services and files” option. Now confirm it by selecting the delete option.

Hopefully, the solutions mentioned above were helpful for you to resolve the issue where the Avast is slowing down the internet speed.