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Everything that you’d ever expect out of an antivirus, ESET Smart Security puts it all on your plate. Recently, ESET Windows 10 white sheet was launched as a reminder of security and privacy policies.

ESET Windows 10

But now the question remains, has ESET Antivirus lived up to the standards?

ESET undoubtedly runs with parity across all desktops. It didn’t make any out-of-the-box changes though. Yet, Windows 10 users caught the flaws in the net.

And now, it made all the difference because Windows 10 was considered to be secure. Now when ESET malfunctioned, its anti-malware and Windows 10 Safety procedures came under questioning.

Here, you will find all you need to know about ESET Windows 10 problems and few quick fixes.

Google Warns ESET!

The ESET blue-eyed cyborg mascot got a big time warning from Google a few months back.

What happened was ESET ran “a deceptive code” security protocol for Google Chrome. This got caught because Chrome has its own set of security features.  

There would have been absolutely no issue if things were parallel. The problem came when the Web Security function scanned Chrome files without permission.

ESET Antivirus

The ESET Endpoint Security clarified its position on the joint Cleanup with Chrome. However, it was late.

The security scan often viewed certain Chrome files as malicious and bugged the user to take action.

ESET Security Protocols backstabbed the Google Chrome Trust.

So, if you find your Chrome files being targeted by ESET NOD32 Antivirus scan, you can try the two quick fixes out.

  • Change ESET Windows 10 Google Chrome Settings and disable the Chrome files scan.
  • Or, you can Disable ESET NOD32 Antivirus Security Scan for all browsers

Is your Compatible With Windows 10?

ESET Windows 10 boasts a lot of its users. And it’s security standards to meet the expectations. But where does it lack?

Everything was fine until the new Windows 10 update hit the market. What happened was termed by experts as “Windows 10 meltdown”.

All security software features were not on par with the new update. ESET faced the same issue. As a result, most of the features were inaccessible and users were asked for an update.

ESET Smart Security

ESET NOD32 Antivirus never expected Microsoft to become stiff. It pushed its patches to an extent that ESET became incompatible.

What Good is An Incompatible ESET Windows 10 Antivirus?

Honestly, it is not.

The following functions were affected adversely-

  • The Premium ESET Anti-theft option was not working.
  • ESET File Security was not accepting new entries
  • ESET Firewall worked but its online security malfunctioned.
  • The ESET could not communicate with the Kernel.
  • Spyware options were not functioning properly.
  • ESET account warned for wrong username/password.

To make the matters worse, the Home window welcomed with an incompatible message.

Nothing Fancy With The New Update

Things became eased up as ESET later joined hands with Google, Again!

Yes, but this time it came along with the Google Chrome update. The point was to block dangerous malware action through Google Chrome.

Apart from that, the necessary things weren’t done. I found the old problems with ESET Windows 10 persisted.

Soon after the Microsoft Windows 10 Meltdown, CPU vulnerabilities were reported. Although ESET January update launched certain changes, they weren’t good enough.

Global users reported a PC scan failure. ESET Anti-malware scan stopped in between and reported error codes. Furthermore, virus update ended suddenly with following error message-

However, the ESET Windows 10 error that turned the sales was OS Functionality Interference.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

To add, the suggested solution never worked.

Uninstall ESET Windows 10?

ESET NOD32 is a really good antivirus for Windows 10. Until the Big Meltdown, ESET was a cheap all-inclusive antivirus solution.

But now, you have a list of errors to take care of. Nothing to worry. I provide you with these instant fixes. You can try them out and resolve your ESET Windows 10 issues.

  • Turn OFF all the functions that are not working. If you keep them ON, they make cause damage to other system files.
  • When you are scanning, make sure your Windows 10 PC is idle.
  • Uninstall ESET, reinstall and copy the patch folder contents to the destination folder in C drive.
  • Kernel unresponsiveness can also be checked to an extent. You can try uninstalling the new ESET updates or using an older version.

These solutions are quite generic. Unless ESET NOD32 Antivirus team brings out the new updates, you have nothing much to do. But surely, updates are on their way.

New ESET Windows 10 Updates are On Its Way

Surely, things will be different in the coming few years. It is clear ESET wants to do it all, yet, it is experiencing quite a downtime.

But we have been assured then that new updates will be ready in no time. All you can hope is, ESET NOD32 updates soothes the Microsoft Meltdown Injury.

Call Our Tech Support

If You still facing the problem with webroot antivirus. You can connect with our Antivirus support by dialing our toll-free Number +1-855-971-2203. You are free to call and get in touch with our ESET Service Engineers for more assistance.

There is no need to rush. ESET NOD32 Antivirus is a complete Microsoft Windows 10 based AV. This makes us understand the position pretty clear- ESET Uninstallation is not necessary.

But, down the line, my company service technicians are there for your support. All during the Meltdown, there are busy focussing on your issues and resolving them. You can call them and get reliable solutions.

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