How To Disable AVG: An Ultimate Guidance

Depending on your version, AVG antivirus offers both free as well as paid protection to your device from viruses and other security risks. You can use AVG antivirus on both Windows and Mac.  However, sometimes, it restricts you from installing new software or application on the device. In such a condition, you might have to disable the AVG antivirus.

You can also turn off some specific protection options. Don’t know how to disable AVG? Well, for this purpose, you can take help from this guide.

Disable AVG with Easy Steps

To turn off AVG, go through the rest of the sections and perform the task on your own.

Completely Disable the AVG Antivirus (For all Shields on Windows)

Follow the given steps to turn off the AVG security software completely.

Step 1

First, move to the Windows taskbar and locate the four-color square icon. It is quite similar to the Windows logo. However, in some versions (such as Windows 10), the icon might be hidden.

So, in case you don’t see the logo, then click on the top arrow. 

Step 2

Once you see it, then right-click on it. Now, a small AVG window will appear on the screen. After that, click on the ‘Protection enabled’ option to disable it.

Furthermore, a confirmation dialog box will show up on the LED display. Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm the deactivation.

Note: If you have the Administrator’s rights or you have already logged in Windows as Admin, then also you can confirm the dialog box. Without this permit, you can’t disable the AVG Antivirus.

Step 3

Hopefully, the AVG Antivirus is now completely disabled. To confirm it, move to the main page. Here, if you see ‘ You are not protected’ message, this confirms the changes.

Now, if you wish to re-enable the AVG, then just click on the ‘Fix Now’ button. Alternatively, you can move to the Taskbar where you have initially disabled AVG and then turn it on. 

Disable the AVG Temporarily (Specific Shields on Windows)

Apart from disabling all the shields simultaneously, AVG Antivirus also offers a feature to temporarily turn off/pause them. With this, you can disable any specific shield in AVG software. Therefore, you can manually turn off any of the following shields.

  1. Resident Shield 
  2. Software Analyzer 
  3. Email Protection 
  4. Online Shield (also knows as Web Shield) 
  5. Ransomware Protection 
  6. Secure DNS 
  7. Anti Spam 
  8. Firewall

To implement it, check out the given directions.

Step 1

At first, go to the Windows system tray or programs and open the AVG protection. After that, proceed to the Menu. From there, select the Setting app and click on ‘Components’.

Now, locate the shield that you want to turn off. Thereafter, move the switcher to the off state.

Step 2

Once you have clicked on the switcher, a small dialog box will appear on the screen. Its purpose is to ask you for how long the antivirus should remain inactive. So, you can select from 10 minutes to permanently. However, you are highly recommended to choose 1 hour.

After this, the specific shield will be now disabled and you will see a message ‘Protection is disabled’. In order to re-enable it, click on the ‘Fix Now’ option and change the switcher to the ‘On’ state.

How to Turn off AVG Antivirus on Mac Device?

If you use AVG Antivirus on your Mac device, here are the steps that need to be followed to disable it.

Step 1

Go to the menu bar and click on the Shield icon. This might locate at the top right corner of the display. 

Note: On Mac, you cannot temporarily disable the AVG application.

Step 2

Now, click on the ‘Uninstall AVG Antivirus’ button. You can see it near the top menu. Then, a confirmation message will appear on the display.

Thereafter, click on the ‘Uninstall’ button. If your system asks to log in, then enter the username and click ‘OK’ to continue.

Step 3

On the confirmation window, click on ‘Quit’. Now, the AVG will not appear on your Mac device.

Hopefully, now you understand all the ways to disable AVG from your Windows and Mac device.