Bitdefender Blocking Internet: Effective Hacks

Generally, we use antivirus to protect our computers from online threats. But, sometimes the antivirus impedes some online activities. It is often notorious for blocking internet access on our computers. Also, we face this problem if there are some issues with the network connection on our computer or perhaps a problem with the firewall and/or its settings. Thus in this article, we are going to discuss the effective hacks to fix Bitdefender blocking the internet.

Possible Causes Of Bitdefender Blocking Internet Access

The possible causes of the Bitdefender blocking internet are:

  1. Due to the problem in the network connections on the computer, you might face this issue with your printer.
  2. Also, if there any issues with the Firewall exception, then you might face this issue too.
  3. If there are some software issues with the antivirus, even then you might be stuck with this problem.
  4. If the antivirus detects any unauthorized activities going on with your computer, then it blocks the internet on your computer.

Bitdefender is blocking access to the internet: Some Fixes You Can Look At

To fix the issue with the Bitdefender in your computer go through the steps:

Checking the connection

To check the connection at first, reboot your computer and then, reboot your router or modem, which you are using on your computer. Also, you can use LAN in place of wireless connection and then restart your computer in ‘Safe Mode’ and then try to connect it in the ‘Networking Mode’. After that, run the ‘troubleshooter’ on your computer to troubleshoot the issue. Also, you can update the modem’s or router’s firmware to resolve the issue.

Checking the Firewall Exceptions

To check the firewall exceptions open the ‘Settings’ on your computer and then open the ‘Windows Defender Firewall’. After that, choose the ‘Advanced Settings’ from the list. Then, select ‘Inbound Rules’ and ‘New Rule’ in ‘Windows Firewall with Advanced Security’. Next, choose the ‘Port’ and select ‘Next’. After then, choose ‘TCP’ and ‘Specific Local Ports’ and then type ‘5677’ and then select ‘Next’. Provide the ‘VCP TCP’ and then, select the option ‘FINISH’ to exit out from the box.

Resetting Bitdefender

To reset Bitdefender, restart your computer in ‘Safe Mode’ at first. Then in the ‘Safe Mode’ choose the option ‘Run As Administrator’ After running it in administrator you will receive the notification ‘Finished’. Next, press any key from the keyboard to complete the process. Thus, ‘Bitdefender’ will reset on your computer.

Reinstalling Bitdefender

To reinstall the ‘Bitdefender’ on your computer, press the ‘Windows’ key from your keyboard at first. Then, select ‘control Panel’ from the left column. Next on the ‘Control Panel’ select the option ‘Uninstall a programs’ below ‘Programs’ and select ‘Bitdefender’ from the list. Then select the option ‘Uninstall’ to delete Bitdefender on your computer. After that go through the instructions on the screen to resolve the issue.  Finally, download ‘Bitdefender’ on your computer and then install it.

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