Avast Software Update Error: Perhaps The Best Possible Guide Out There!

Avast is a good antivirus software that comes with lots of advanced features along with a user-friendly UI. It offers high-end online security to your device. But like the other antivirus software, it might play up until you update it in a regular manner. Avast Software updater error is one such error that makes the users frustrated and quite worried.

This particular error occurs due to many reasons. Virus or malware attack, poor internet connection, outdated driver, faulty registry key, important file related to Avast deleted mistakenly, outdated Avast software, are some of the main reasons for getting this error.

In case if you are encountering the same error, then this article will help you to get rid of this. Go through this post entirely and execute the steps exactly the same way as they are.

How to troubleshoot Avast Software Updater Error?

Avast has been a top choice for PC users because its full free version is available for a long time. But certain times Avast software updater error upsets its users and they are seeking the perfect fixes to solve it. Keeping that in mind, we are going to discuss some of the possible tricks.

Method 1: Update the Avast Software

Update the Avast Software

Sometimes an old or outdated Avast software becomes the culprit of this particular error. At first, you need to start the Avast antivirus software. Then, navigate to the Settings option of Avast. Now, tap on the Update icon. After that, scroll down to check the list of the program.  Now, check if the update process is going or not. Keep waiting for some time and after completion restart your device. Finally, go to the Settings option again and click on Default settings. Then, choose Reset Settings and again restart your device.

Method 2: Perform a Clean Boot

Perform a Clean Boot

A simple boot can resolve the error at an instant. So, you have to perform a clean boot for your system. The first thing you need to do is to hold and press the Windows key and the “R” key simultaneously. It will help to load the Run Dialog box. After that,  type “msconfig” in that box and you can see the System Configuration utility will open on the main screen. Next, press the Enter key. Then, in the Services tab will check the “Hide all Microsoft services check box”. Now, select the option “Disable all” in order to disable Microsoft’s services. At the final stage, press the OK button and save the changes. Reboot your device and review if the “Avast software updater not working” issue is still prevailing or not.

Method 3: Turn off the Software Updater Feature

Turn off the Software Updater Feature

If you are still witnessing the same issue, then you need to perform this method. Go through the steps as follows:

  • Start the Avast software and navigate to the Settings icon.
  • Tap on the Tools and locate the option Software Updater.
  • After that, toggle it as OFF and choose OK.

By this process, you are now successfully deactivated the Avast software. You can also reactivate this option whenever you need.

Method 4: Deactivate the Avast Notification

Deactivate the Avast Notification

Avast notification mode basically runs in the Manual mode and seldom it creates conflicts between the functions. So, disable this option and solve the glitch instantly. First, start the Avast software and double tap on it. After that, choose the “All Programs” icon and have a click on it as well. Now, move to the Settings and then hit the Tools icon. After this, select “Customize in Software Updater” by tapping on that. Now, untick the small box and press OK. Finally, restart your device and check the error still exits or not.

Hopefully, the mentioned techniques will help you to eradicate the Avast software updater error completely. If you find any difficulties at the time of implementing the steps, then do share your queries with us. We are there with you and supportive enough all around the clock.