Avast Slowing Down The Computer: Here’s the Ultimate Fix

Millions of users are experiencing the Avast slowing down the computer issue while using it. Due to several factors, you might confront this error on your Windows 10 device. Such as low space, if there is too little RAM installed, background updates.

In case you have not updated the Windows 10 for a long time, or the hard disk is physically damaged, then also you might need to deal with this error. 

Fortunately, by using the given solutions you can get rid of the issue without much hassle

Solutions you Must Try to Resolve Avast Slowing Down Computer Windows 10 Issue:

Want to instantly fix the issue? then, check out the methods stated below.

Solution 1-  Load Avast Antivirus after the Windows Services

Sometimes, Avast and Windows service clash with each other as a result, your PC slows down. Hence, this solution will help you to speed up your computer. 

In order to perform the task, open the main interface of your Windows 10 device. On the left menu, you can see the Settings option. Then, proceed to the Settings. 

Within the Settings, scroll down and select the Troubleshooting option.  After that, ‘Load Avast services only after loading other systems’ will appear on the LED display. In case, it is unchecked. Simply select it.

Exit from the page and reboot your computer. Check if the problem has been solved or not. Unfortunately, if not, then proceed to the next one.

Solution 2-  Disable the Background Updates and update the Avast Antivirus

By disabling the background updates, you might increase the performance of the Windows 10 device. To apply this solution, first, move to the Task Manager. After that, select which programs are running which are not required. Then, just click on the End task process.  Next, follow the given steps.

  1. At first, open the main program interface.
  2. From there, go to the Settings tab.
  3. Under Settings search for the Update option.
  4. Next, choose the Virus Definitions.
  5. Furthermore, expand the Settings. After that, two options will be available on the screen. They are Ask when available and manually.

You are suggested to select the Manual option. Next, if an update is available, then your system will show a notification to update. Simply, click on the Update now button.

Wait until the process is completed and once done, restart the device. However if the issue still persists, then here is another alternative for you.

Solution 3-  Update the Windows 10 Operating System

At times, it is recommended to update the Windows 10 OS to its best-recommended version.

For that, click on the Start button. After that, navigate to the Settings. Within the Settings, you need to scroll down and choose the Update & Security button. In addition, click on the Windows Update option.

Now, the updating process will be started. You should wait as the system might take some moments to complete the updating procedure.

When finished, then exit from the window and reboot your system. After that check the error status. In case, the Windows 10 device still slows down, then take a look below.

Solution 4- Free up Disk Space

By removing some unnecessary files, you can boot up the speed of the computer. So, delete the unnecessary files and remove them from trash also. You are also suggested to delete videos and images. The disk can decrease the performance of the computer.

So, clean it by using the Avast Cleanup. It will then scan the computer and identify the unwanted files which must be removed.

Solution 5-  Increase the RAM Memory

Occasionally, if the computer does not have enough space, then it might slow down the device. So, to run any updated version, it is highly recommended to select at least 4 GB RAM as well as 500GB hard disk.

Then, reboot the computer and surely this time you will overcome the situation.

Additional Solutions

If all the above solutions fail to increase the speed of the computer, then here some additional solutions that you can try out.

Uncheck the Data Sharing and Avast Community

Proceed to the Settings and from there go to the General. After that, click on the Privacy option. Two options, ‘Participate in the Avast community’ and ‘Participate in data sharing’ will appear on the display.

You have to uncheck both options as after this Avast will not create any problem for you.

Disable the Mail Shield

In case, you are not using any kind of email service, then it is a simple solution. First, open the Settings. After that, search for and select the Components.

Tap on ‘Switch’ to disable the mail shield.  Click on the ‘Stop permanently’ option.

Here is another solution to turn off the Software update, Browser Cleanup. In order to attempt it, first, tap on the Settings and furthermore click on Componentes option. On the next window, choose the Customize button.

Unelect the box beside the ‘Enable Software Updated’ for the Software update. Apply it for the browser also.

Turn Off Remote Assistance

If you use the Remote Assistance occasionally, then disable it to fix the problem. To turn off the Remote Assistance check out the given instructions.

  1. Go to the Settings. After that, click on the Tools button.
  2. After that, change the Remote Assistance switch to the OFF state.
  3. Next, click on the Troubleshooting option.
  4. Finally, unmark ‘ Allow remote control of this computer’ option.

Uninstall the Avast Tool

At last, you are advised to uninstall the Avast tool that you are not using. For that, first, open the programs in Windows. Then, click on Uninstall or change the program’s option. 

Lots of options will appear on the display, from there choose Avast and after that, click on the Change button.

Now, the Avast setup window will appear. Here, click on the Change button. Also, unselect the tools that you want to remove. Once done, close the window and reboot your machine.