Easy Hacks To Fix Avast Firewall Won’t Turn On

Avast Firewalls are very important for the operating system because they protect your files from external attacks, provide security against malware. Avast is a useful security software which is suitable for PC, Mac, and Android for its series of free antivirus software, packages, and others. However, it throws some issues at times. Avast users have complained that their Avast firewall won’t turn on. Hence, they cannot use this antivirus on their system.

Well, before proceeding further, you should know the common causes of this issue. In this article, we will show how to fix Avast firewall won’t turn on without any delay.

Causes Of Avast Internet Security Firewall Won’t Turn On

Avast is clearly one of the best free antivirus application with users for its high-quality free tools. However, there are some problems that consumers may face. One of these problems is that the Avast firewall Won’t Turn On. We have discussed some of the common reasons in the section below.

  • Generally, this issue pop-ups if you have not updated your Avast Security software.
  • If your Operating System is outdated, then this issue may create trouble for you.
  • In case, your system is infected with any kind of viruses, your system becomes slow and the result leads towards this issue.

Do not panic. Here, we have provided some of the resolving techniques that will assist you to fix this issue.

Ultimate Solutions To fix  Avast Firewall Won’t Turn On

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix this issue. After restarting the system if the problem is still there then you can use these solutions. Below we have shared some of the easiest solutions.

Reset The Repair Registry Files

You have to repair all the registry files from the system. Resetting the registry files you can easily fix this issue. So, it is the best solution to try this solution. First, find the Registry files, then complete the Reset process. Once the reset process is done, reboot your device and then check the problem will fix.

Scan Your System

Basically, the Avast Antivirus won’t turn on because of malware infection. First, scan your system. Once the run is done, then reboot your system and then check the antivirus works properly.

Reinstall The Avast Antivirus Application

Sometimes, reinstalling the Avast antivirus can fix this issue. So, first,

  • Go to the Control Panel, find the Avast Application.
  • Once you find the Avast Application, go for the Uninstall process.
  • After uninstalling the application, again reinstall it from the Play Store

Disable The Windows Firewall

It is known that two different antivirus programs or firewalls are usually not present simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to turn off the Windows Firewall because Avast stops it from being attached and is likely to cause this problem on your computer.

  • First, go to the Windows Firewall, and then disable this.
  • Restart your system and check the problem will resolve.  In case you face any problem then go to another solution.

You have to try the above solutions. If you do not have any technical knowledge then you can consult professionals.

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