Bypass Avast Android Issues – Fix Firewall & Crashing Error

Avast is undoubtedly one of the most powerful antivirus applications. It’s firewall and real-time protection functions are truly appreciable. However, it has its own share of errors. And those have been inherited to Avast Android version too.

Now, it not only has escalated by affecting its performance but also pipelines device inconsistencies. This is something you cannot afford- multiplication of issues.

Avast for Android

I don’t say it is not a good antivirus for your smartphones. In fact, it offers all PC features to your mobile app in a very customized way. Therefore, Avast Antivirus is, in a way, provides a wholesome solution to your online or offline protection.

Here is what I mean.

Avast antivirus for Android isn’t selective when it comes to app version. Unlike other antivirus apps, it brings down the complete PC interface on your mobile screen.

So, whatever features you enjoyed on screen, the same comes down to the Avast app. But needless to say, the developers couldn’t restrict the errors.

So, if you went through similar Avast issues which I will be mentioning, don’t forget to call my company representatives. Our Avast Antivirus Support has experienced technicians for assisting you. You are free to call 24/7.

Causes of Avast Android Issues

Every issue has its cause. However, to generalize the facts, I would say it all comes down to the app version.

Because you see, Avast is regarded to be giant in antivirus software domains. And this had multiple reasons. Their features, protection, online privacy etc. kept malware at check.

Now, when the interface was changed, certain features malfunctioned. Not just that, they bugged the device to an extent, it slowed down.

Let me explain why.

Firstly, when a PC having Avast Antivirus slows down, the first shot is disabling Real-time protection. Because it runs as a background process and deteriorates PC performance.

Avast Antivirus

But, where can you check a background process on a smartphone?

Obviously, the process starts slowing down your device to a great extent. This also may cause certain apps to respond slowly or a buggy internet surfing experience.

What Is More In Error Store?

Now, we have another question in hand- does this affect personal data?

No, it doesn’t affect personal data.

But the same causes memory issues and drop in device performance. Furthermore, even some Avast features may not function properly.

Avast Antivirus Issues

Secondly, another reason may be the incompatibility. Some time back, I came across a certain user who complained of incompatibility despite having the right configuration.

Is this even possible?

Yes, it is. Because of the simple reason that you are not updating the Avast antivirus for android. Sometimes, simple updating may resolve multiple issues.

Thirdly, the most obvious cause-malware itself or another antivirus. I have seen some users being too secure. And they make the mistake of installing 2 or more antivirus applications on their smartphone.
Honestly, it will harm you more, regardless of the advantages.

When a pre-Avast antivirus installed  PC encounters another such program, it causes an algorithm crash. The result is one antivirus program calling the other a potential threat.

So, now you know about the causes of Avast Android errors. We can now move on to the few most frequent issues.

Call Blocker Crashing

This free Avast Android version feature had a bad start. It frequently faced crashing issues due to which, the app sundered from the users.
Although fresh updates resolved it, yet the problem has been reported frequently. But you can try this easy fix to resolve it.
You can navigate the Avast Antivirus for Android Settings where you may find calling options. Simply disable the showing up or Avast to respond to a call. This will deny the app to ping when you have an active incoming.
Here is the best part!
You can still block calls and report them to your Avast Android app without actually opening it. And, you can enable this function without making any extra settings.

Firewall Not Responding

It may happen at times that Avast antivirus firewall, although enabled, still doesn’t work. But here is how you can resolve it.
Look for Avast Android version updates and install them. Or, reinstall the app and start the firewall again. Also, enable it for all browsing operation from the Avast Android app settings.
This should easily resolve your Firewall problem. However, you can always relate to the article “Avast Support” for more information.
Moreover, you can call my company’s toll-free helpline number to talk directly with the service engineers.

Anti-Theft Crashing During Malware Scan

This issue is something that puts Avast Android app on a smartphone in the last place. Global users have complained of a slow device during malware scan.
Apart from that, the Anti-theft function is said to go down. The why of this issue is debatable. But I can simply put it in the memory.
Malware scan is a heavy operation that may slow down Android device performance. And because of that, the Anti-Theft function may not work.
You can try avoiding Anti-theft usage during a malware scan. I suggest you leave your smartphone idle for a while. It will surely optimize your phone to a great extent.

Avast Antivirus has become a household name. So, you can easily judge its popularity. Unquestionable, its Android version was a success as well.
But as far as the issues are concerned, we cannot simply ignore the user complaints. Because offline and online Security aspects are very important.
Avast Android issues are very generic. As we have seen, you can easily resolve those errors and experience a safe working with Avast Android version.

Avast Antivirus for Android

I hope this blog helped you know about the most general issues with Avast Android. Moreover, you can always call my company’s customer service executives for any kind of Avast assistance.

Feel free to reach me out through the comments.

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